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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

colour palette : tweedy stitches

emma lamb

colour palette : tweedy stitches, curated by Emma Lamb / photograph © emma lamb

Oh, hello Friday!
I must confess to being in a state of sleepy stupor today... one of those days when the minute you get out of bed in the morning you can't wait till the end of the day so you can crawl right back in again. One of those days when you really wish it was the weekend and you could have a lazy morning tucked up under the covers... *sigh*

So anyhoo, I am a wee bit slow off the mark with today's colour palette, but as I am quite chuffed with my crocheting ways this week I didn't want to put this one off. I'm crocheting a new wee rug for our hallway, nothing special really but I am quite chuffed with it for a couple of reasons. Not only do I adore the tweedy look from doubling up the yarn I'm using and of course these pretty muted colour palette worthy colours, but I am also quite pleased with myself for finally finding use for a huge stash of Rowan Silk Cotton I've had sitting around my studio for longer than I care to mention (okay, years!). I bagged myself 70 balls of it, at 80p each, in a John Lewis sale thinking I had found myself a massive yarnie bargain. Little did I realise that it was only supposed to be dry cleaned, it felt a lot like rope and didn't seem like it would be much cop for anything!

So as I said it has sat around my studio for a while... *ahem* refusing to be useful and me refusing to admit defeat and pass it on. Then a couple of nights ago I was thinking about a new rug for our hallway, a practical rug that could be thrown in the washing machine for easy regular cleaning - you'll know what I mean if you too have a dog with very hairy feet that brings in more mud than ever during the soggy autumn months! Hey presto, this yarn pops into my head along with my chunky Brittany hook, which I love to work with, and off I go crocheting lovely tweedy stripes.

Okay so the smart cookies amongst you will be thinking 'I though she said that yarn is only dry cleanable!?' Ah, well, yes. I know from a wee test swatch that this yarn will wash fine, okay it will shrink and fade a wee bit on the first go and will probably fade more over time but I have made my peace with that! I'm sure one day it will look less than spiffy and when that day comes I will be armed with a packet of dye and a tub of salt! But for now I am loving my tweedy stitches and muted autumn shades.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, whatever you may be up to,
Emma, x

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