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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

good reads : a Spoonful of happiness

emma lamb

Hello, hello! I do hope everyone in the UK is safe and well after the wild winds yesterday!? I know the forecast is still 'breezy' for today as Hurricane Katia passes us by. Stay safe you guys!

Now then, lets get on with some of that exciting news I've been promising you. Have you seen the latest issue of Spoonful yet!?

Spoonful, Issue 5 | Emma Lamb
Spoonful, Issue 5 | Emma Lamb

Spoonful has to be one of the loveliest wee indie zines I have ever had the pleasure of reading and delivers just as it promises on the cover, to be a wee happiness companion! This wonderful publication is the vision of the fabulous, passionate and creative woman Anthea Krook who has made it her mission to spread a wee bit of happiness one spoonful at a time...

"Spoonful is a short and inspiring little publication which, in light of our insanely busy lives and increasing ‘oh no, I must find time to read x’ can be finished by the end of a train ride. It’s quick to consume, beautifully soft, & after reading will genuinely make you smile."

Spoonful, Issue 5 | Emma Lamb
Spoonful, Issue 5 | Emma Lamb
Spoonful, Issue 5 | Emma Lamb

As soon as Issue 5 dropped through my wee letterbox I carefully opened the envelope, popped the kettle on, grabbed a few squares of yummy dark chocolate and read it from cover to cover in a jiffy... Then I stroked the cover a few times and smiled to myself - Anthea was right, it genuinely makes you smile, you just can't help yourself! After a few more moments I re-read it, this time taking more care over the beautiful pages and thoughtful words. Christine Laennec's short story on page 6 struck a particular chord and immediately made me think of the discussions I have with my Man to pass the time on long car journeys to visit our families, really touching!

Of course there is another reason I am particularly loving this issue and that is because the fabulous Anthea invited me to write the Craft Therapy article for it, yay! I can't tell you how thrilled I was to be asked, especially as it includes a wee project tutorial, double yay!

Spoonful, Issue 5 - featuring my Pretty Peggy Garland | Emma Lamb
Spoonful, Issue 5 - featuring my Pretty Peggy Garland | Emma Lamb

So I put on my very bestest granny chic thinking cap (metaphorically speaking that is as I am not really the hat wearing type!) and gathered together lots of yummy bits 'n' pieces and deliciously coloured threads to whip up a wee 'Pretty Peggy Garland', which I shall tell you more about tomorrow. Until then if you would like to have your own gorgeous copy of Issue 5 of Spoonful you can find it here or here or checkout the stockists page on the Spoonful website. Of course a bunch of the back issues are also available and I can't recommend them highly enough, I just know they will make you smile!

Emma, x

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