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hoping for some calm

emma lamb

hoping for some calm... by Emma Lamb

Hello my lovelies... :)

Well, this week I have truly been AWOL haven't I... !?
I so wish it was because of good things but unfortunately it wasn't... well some of it was nice, such as chatting to really lovely friends over a new wee project I'm working on... but mostly it has been 'crappity crap' to coin a dottie angel phrase... :)

Everything from a gas leak in our flat early in the week, which was really stressful but is thankfully now repaired and all is safe again, to pesky wee mice keeping us awake at night... doing their very best to chew through the floorboards, and believe me, at four o'clock in the morning it sounds like they have come armed with chainsaws and bulldozers!

Last night there was a really crazy 'incident' of a drunken person breaking into our tenement stairwell. They climbed up to the highest window ledge and were threatening to throw themselves off... seriously frightening! There were swarms of police, a couple of fire engines and an ambulance outside our building for at least three hours while they tried to talk this person down. I had to leave quite early on in this whole event with Spanner (call of nature and all that) but of course once I had left the police wouldn't let me back in... thankfully I bumpbed into a dog walking buddy and went for a wee cuppa with them. What I am even more thankful for is that this whole 'incident' was resolved safely... I don't think I could have coped with anything else.

Then today my email account, which is proven to be a wee bit unreliable at times, completely crapped out on me. I am working so hard to sort this out just now so please do bear with me if you're wanting a wee chat about something. I have set up a new email account for the time being, you can find it on my personal Facebook page at the moment.

And of course, to top it all off the dog has just thrown up on the carpet... !

As a very lovely friend said to me earlier in the week that sometimes you just have to giggle when things go wrong... a giggle would be lovely, but to be honest I would be quite content with just a couple of calm and uneventful days... surely that's not too much to ask... !?

I do hope each and every one of you have just the kind of weekend you are hoping for... :)
Emma, x

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