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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

happy Friday!

emma lamb

Hello my lovelies and happy Friday to all my friends! It has been a strange week this week with all it's ups and downs, a bit of a roller coaster shall we say! But in this wee corner of blogland I much prefer to focus on the ups and share in all the things that truly make me happy.

Lillian cushion cover by Emma Lamb
-{ Miss Lillian }-

And today the thing that is truly making me happy is the hint of summer in the air, yay! It is only a hint mind you and I know it's not going to last long, but the clouds have parted slightly to let the sun shine though and I am appreciating every minute of it...

The other thing that has made me happy this week (which I knew it would!) was spending a few quality days in my wee studio. Singing along to a few of my favourite Josh Ritter tunes, drinking tea and nibbling chocolate, all the while finishing up a few ladies with wee tags and pretty buttons. Miss Lillian and Miss Luella have already found themselves a sunny spot in my shop window.

I also had a lovely custom order come through a couple of days ago, for this wee gold flower charm. The sweet and lovely person that ordered it is planning to use it as a shade pull in their own creative space. I love that, such a great idea! Talking of ideas I have lots of them tumbling about my head at the moment, a few new ones and some that I have been mulling over for a while, most of which I am itching to make a start on. So if this summer continues to be less than summery I'll be heading off into my wee studio as much as possible for some crafty therapy!

Luella cushion cover by Emma Lamb
-{ Miss Luella }-

Oh! Yes, there is another thing that is making me very happy this week - learning just how caring and supportive some of the wonderful people in our crafty community really are! You guys surprised me, but in such a great way and I am so thankful to you all!

I hope you all have the best weekend possible!
Emma, x

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