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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

etsy favourites : black & white stripes

emma lamb

etsy favourites : black & white stripes | Emma Lamb
Well it seems the whole of blogland has gone crazy for 'Stripe Mania' thanks to Holly, of decor8, and her facebook friend Igor. Together they came up with the ideas of uniting all us bloggers in one big, virtual, Stripe Mania party, yay!

Holly asked all her readers to snap a pic of themselves wearing something stripey before Sunday and she would gather them all together in a fabulous stripey Pinterest board. I organised my pic today and you can see it up there right now and maybe take a few minutes to get to know a few of the other faces too... :)

So what more inspiration do we need for a few black and white stripey Etsy faves!? Whether you're looking for a stripey summery outfit (yeah, scarves are an essential summer staple in Scotland!) or want to add a few graphic elements around your house. Enjoy!

etsy favourites : black & white stripes | Emma Lamb
Links: 1. YYStudio, 2. rib & hull, 3. ikabags, 4. Lana Stepul, 5. La Marquise des Anges, 6. White Moth

Wishing you all a stripey happy day,
Emma, x

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