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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

colour palette : little bo peach

emma lamb

colour palette : little bo peach curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Sonnet : Alicia Bock, 2. untitled : sarah-wynne, 3. Parasol Stole : Derya Davenport (via Ravelry), 4. untitled : tetsu-FMR

Hi guys!

Today I'm busy pondering a new colour theme for this wee blog. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love these vintage brights as they were inspired by one of my very favourite colour palette posts - 'retro fabulous'. It's just that sometimes I feel they can overwhelm some of the lovely images I blog, they can be a wee bit distracting at times. Of course that will be completely irrelevant to you if follow my post feed rather than dropping by this wee space personally! But I mooch around here daily and quite fancy a wee bit of a change, something a touch more muted and calm, but still with a vintage girly charm. Exactly the inspiration behind today's palette. I'm really loving the far left column with that lovely grey, deep rose pink and beige and the combination in the bottom row is very lovely too. Hmmm, I think a wee bit of Photoshop pottering is in order! I might stop by later to ask your opinion...

Wishing you all the most fabulous Friday,
Emma, x

edited to add - Okay, so I have pottered and played, tweaked and tweaked again and I think I'm happy with this softer palette of these grown up pastels. Just a wee bit vintage and a wee bit girly, but overall looking very calm and pretty. What do you think, do you like them?

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