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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

shoptalk: the Selvedge Spring Fair

emma lamb

My stall at The Selvedge Spring Fair 2011 by Emma Lamb

Hello my dears! Thank you for being so patient in waiting to hear all the gossip from the Selvedge Spring Fair. Yesterday was filled with of all sorts of nonsense including trying to arrange a plumber to fix a leaky bath, I'm still waiting and hoping they will be here soon. Anyhoo, the fair... It was such a fabulous day, hugely busy and hectic and filled with lots of friends and chatting and sending a few of my ladies off to their forever homes with some very lovely folk. It kinda whizzed by in a wee bit of a blur, which left my head spinning and with very few photos of the day...

I arrived at 8am to start setting up my wee table in St. Augustine's beautiful church hall, which the Selvedge ladies had decorated with purple and white pom-poms and some of Amy Butler's lovely fabrics. The wee tea area, just behind my table and those old crates, looked very pretty and springy especially so once all the yummy cakes had arrived. No pics I'm afraid, I had my table set up just in the nick of time for the doors to open so it was a mad dash just to snap these pictures. But you can pop by the High Tea of Highgate website and check out their mouth watering gallery for a sampling of the gorgeous cakes that were on offer.

My stall at The Selvedge Spring Fair 2011 by Emma Lamb
My stall at The Selvedge Spring Fair 2011 by Emma Lamb

So once folk started arriving at 10am it was a non-stop busy and fun day. There was a huge turnout and I wouldn't be surprised if nearly a thousand people came through that wee church hall on Saturday! There were one or two famous faces too, with Linda Barker sending a wee ruffle of excitement through the hall and particularly the Selvedge ladies! But I think the highlight for me was finally getting to meet some of my oldest and dearest blogging buddies for the first time. The ever so lovely Miss Monda who persuaded me to set up this very blog a few years ago and the very sweet Miss Tif who was the one who helped me kick start my own wee Etsy shop soon after! It was so great and easy to chat to these two dear ladies, as though we had been friends for a long time and weren't just meeting for the first time! I must not forget Miss Fran either who I have known for a wee while and who is always so generous with her kind comments over on my Flickr pages.

Oh, and thank you so much to everyone else who stopped by for a wee chat including the lovely Sam of Bella Blossom and the ladies from 'the women's room' who wrote a lovely wee post about the fair yesterday, thank you ladies! Also, I must not forget all you super sweet 'blog lurkers'... yeah, you know I'm talking to you!

The Selvedge Spring Fair 2011 by Emma Lamb
Handmade crochet cushion covers and Blossom flower garlands by Emma Lamb

I also had a pretty good day of sales too with the lovely Selma and Velma getting snapped up right away, as did three new Blossom garlands. Which is really great because I love making all of those and can't wait to get hooking on some new ones! I do still have lots of ladies hanging around here waiting for their own forever homes so they will be finding their way into my wee shop over the next few days. Keep an eye on my Facebook pages for the updates... :)

All in all it was a fabulous and exciting day and I'm so glad I did it, it really was worth all the hard work I put in before hand and it was so great to meet so many lovely people. So I want to say a huge thank you to the wonderful Selvedge ladies, particularly Michelle Zimmer, for inviting me along. It was an absolute pleasure and I would certainly jump at the chance to do it all again!

Emma, x

ps - I think the Selvedge ladies hired a photographer to document the day so I shall keep a wee eye out for these photos and let you know when you can see them.

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