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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

shoptalk : wall flowers

emma lamb

wall flowers | Emma Lamb

Happy Wednesday my dears! I do hope you are in the mood for some flowery spring goodness!? While the sun has been shining the flowers have been a growing. The daffodils in our local park are looking wonderful and if I didn't know how many times they had been 'visited' by pups with full bladders I would get up close and snap some pretty pics of them for you!

My wee studio is almost overflowing with the flowers that are growing there. That is those of the colourful crocheted variety, which are creeping their way up the walls spreading a wee touch of spring cheer as they go... :)

wall flowers | Emma Lamb
wall flowers | Emma Lamb
wall flowers | Emma Lamb
wall flowers | Emma Lamb

As soon as I took these pics yesterday I started packing them away for the Selvedge fair and already I am missing them. I so want to make more, I want to have them dripping down every wall in my wee house! I can't even begin to imagine how long it would take to crochet all those flowers so I will just have to be content with my imagining them... at least for the time being!

Oh, and thank you all so very much for your lovely birthday wishes! I am obsessed with my gorgeous new teapot and am thinking that there might not be enough fresh mint in the world to satisfy my urge to make tea that just looks so darn pretty!

Emma, x

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