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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

colour palette : retro fabulous

emma lamb

colour palette : retro fabulous - curated by Emma Lamb
colour palette : retro fabulous - curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. simply hue, 2. gracie's garden, 3. somethings hiding in here, 4. _ cassia _

It has been so dreary and dull here in Edinburgh this week, the rain clouds have been thick and heavy and the light has changed. It has been absolutely impossible to photograph anything and I've had to have every single light on just to see what I'm doing! So far autumn isn't turning out to be nearly as pretty as I wanted it to be! Hmph!
So to beat the dreary dullness and continue my week of colour craving, I have scoured my Flickr favourites to find some pretty autumn shades for today's palette. Not too sludgy, not too bright, with just a wee hint of spice and lots of warmth, perfect!

Oh, before we all go off to enjoy our well deserved weekends of 'r-n-r' I wanted to say thank you for all your sweet and encouraging comments on my last post. I have managed to focus on one or two things and have them nearly finished, but I've also been distracted by even more shiny new ideas, so much so that I had to prise myself away from my desk just to write this wee post! What is it about this time of year that gets the creative juices flowing?

Wishing you all a wonderful (and certainly not a dreary dull) weekend,
Emma, x

ps : Of course, while I'm moaning on about the 'dreary dullness', what should happen!? The sun to comes out to play... quick, to the camera!!!

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