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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

colour palette : salmon pinks and vintage greens

emma lamb

colour palette : salmon pinks and vintage greens - curated by Emma Lamb
colour palette : salmon pinks and vintage greens - curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Sweet.Eventide, 2. vantiani, 3. ivy style33, 4. anastasiart

Just the other day the lovely Amy posted about one of her beautiful fabric cuffs that she custom made for herself. Nothing unusual there, but it got me thinking that I have yet to make a custom version of one of my own designs for myself!

Really, I don't have a granny cushion of my own, or forever flower garland. I do have one potholder, but she did spend a wee while in the shop before I realised that I should keep at least one from my original collection as a memento. She is now working hard as a lovely (tea-stained!) trivet for my teapot and I do keep promising to make some friends for her, but those promises have come to nothing as yet and she is still lonely.

So, as I mentioned to Amy on her post the other day, I have been making more such promises to myself about a custom forever flower garland. The problem being that I can't settle on a colour theme I want to go with. I had thought a super long all red version such as Miss Doris would be quite lovely, then when I made the multi coloured petite ones I thought one of those would be even better. But today I'm looking at these lovely salmon pinks and vintage greens, with a hint of mustard and indigo, and thinking these would also look wonderful! I'm also thinking that a garland in these colours would look mighty spiffy next to this lovely bunting that I ordered a few days ago.

Is it wrong to be wishing for more soggy weather, just so I can spend a cosy evening in crocheting something lovely for myself!? I think it probably is considering how much I am going complain about the chilly weather over the coming months!

A fabulous weekend to you all,
Emma, x

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