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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

yummy yarny-ness!

emma lamb

So yesterday, while lacking in motivation and with a brain that felt like it was swimming through treacle - Seriously, I have no idea what was up yesterday! Every time I tried to think about what ever it was I was supposed to be doing my poor wee brain just couldn't cope and kept timing out!? - The same way your internet connection can sometimes randomly give up on you, so frustrating! I so wish I had the excuse of 'it's too hot to work', but it's really not that warm here at the moment. Or possibly even 'how do you expect me to function without chocolate!' but let's face it, I'm never further than arms length from a bar of the delicious stuff! Ah well, we'll just put it down as one of those 'Monday' things...

Anyhow, so as I was saying - Yesterday, whilst supposed to be doing lots of other more important things, I decided to start a new board over on my Pinterest pages. This one being more of a lust list of squishy, colourful, yummy yarny-ness! Here are just a handful of the yummy-est that I thought you might like too...

Yummy yarny-ness! A collection of favourites from my newest Pinterest board with the same name | Emma Lamb
Links: 1. nef lace golden sunshine : fyberspates, 2. hathor lace in teal : wild fire fibres, 3. crime of passion : fearless fibres, 4. olive you : dyeabolical yarns, 5. water studies #53 : sundara yarn

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know my brain felt much happier and far more alert after being treated to such visual yummy-ness!

Emma, x

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