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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

colour your monday happy...

emma lamb

inspired by left and right...

~ {brooke} gloryof_80s ~

~ lobster and swan ~

~ namolio ~

~ Ingthings ~

~ tiel*sk ~

~ sweetmyrtle ~

i have a wee bit of a soft spot for photos that are styled with their subject just creeping in from the side ~ left or right, i don't mind which... ;) ~ or even with their subject 'floating' away from the centre. i especially love them when the subject is full of exciting detail and colour but is then balanced with a neutral background, either neutral in texture or colour...
i'm drawn to these images far more than ones where the subject is plonked right in the middle of the image...
somehow they just seem far more interesting, especially so with those where the image has been cropped so that you only see half of the subject... as though by only seeing half of it instantly creates a mystery and a want to find out more, i suppose 'intrigue' is the word i'm looking for... ;)
so yes, i am completely filled with 'intrigue' by today's collection of lovelies from 'all colours in...', i hope you are too... :)

now i'm off to the post office and on the way i think i'll see if i can find a tube of Smarties... !
a wonderful Monday to you all,