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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

'going green' things I'm loving for earth day

emma lamb

Of course we all know that 'going green' shouldn't just be for Earth Day. No, we should be striving to change our attitude and impact on our environment and show some appreciation for this incredible planet we're all living on, every single day that we live on it.

'going green' things I'm loving for earth day | Emma Lamb
Clockwise from top left: Muddy Feet | BottleHood | b. bags | Fawn Potter | Just hatched

There are so many easy things we could do daily, things that once we started doing them they would become second nature, things that are so simple that it would be just plain silly not to try!

- Like switching off all non essential electricals.
- Turning off the light when you leave a room.
- Remembering to turn off the radio when you take the dog for a walk.
- Choose a handmade soap for cleaning your mucky pup.
- Choosing an organic peppermint tea.
- Only filling the kettle with just enough water for your cup.
- Try to only buy biscuits in recyclable packaging.
- Choose an eco-friendly detergent.
- Or opt for a (mostly) non chemical approach to cleaning.
- Use bio-degradable rubbish (trash) bags.
- Generally recycle where you can.
- Use recycled or organic yarns.
- Choose only to eat organic chocolate and lots of it ;)
- And obviously, buy handmade!

Now this is just a small list I pulled from my daily routine and I'm sure most of you do all this and much, much more! I would love to hear any of your wee tips if you have them?

Happy Earth Day everyone!
Emma, x

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