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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

weekend inspiration : dreamy whites

emma lamb

Also known as 'you all that!' as inspired by dottie angel's beautifully embroidered words...

Soft shades: cream, milky white, beige, taupe, softest grey, silver, hints of sage and ochre.
Textures: smooth, soft, natural materials, linen, cotton, silk, bamboo, wood, stone, aged surfaces, peeling paint, rusting metal.

dreamy whites, Flickr mosaic curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. bailiwickdesigns, 2. Dewberry Parfum ♥ ♥, 3. threekusjes, 4. Alice M. Wingerden, 5. dottie angel, 6. ishtar olivera, 7. *mayxxx*, 8. wood & wool stool, 9. ivy style33

It's good to occasionally cleanse the colour palette with beautiful white shades, wipe the slate clean as they say and find a fresh new perspective. But as we all know white is never just one shade or one colour, is it!? Something that paint manufacturers know all too well, which is great really as there is something so compulsive about collecting their wee swatch cards! I know you all know what I'm talking about! Which is why I was kinda excited about this colour palette generator, yeah I know I'm a bit slow on the uptake as it has been around for forever. But hey, better late than never right!?

dreamy whites from the colour palette generator

I just love the names of all these colours, I can't decide if my favourite is 'black squeeze' or 'pearl bush'! What better way to waste an hour or so on a dreary Friday afternoon?

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,
Emma, x

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