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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

weekend inspiration : earthy blues

emma lamb

Okay, so I was originally thinking of putting a more 'romantic' collection together in time for the Valentines weekend, but to be honest I wasn't really feeling it. At least not in the more commercial sense of Valentines day with armfuls of red roses, as much pink champagne as you could slurp and decadent boxes of yummy chocolates. 'Yeah right!' I hear you all exclaim... or at the very least a Hallmark card with a 'cute' bear clutching a big red heart slapped on the front.

Me and my Man have always believed that being romantic should be spontaneous. It should be something you do when you feel it, and 'it' doesn't have to be some overblown gesture that has lost sight of what romance actually means. It can be something small, something as simple as pausing the mundane routine of the weekly shop at the supermarket for a wee hug, a wee phone call (none of this text nonsense!) in the day just to say 'hi' or even a thoughtful cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit - although it has to be a chocolate biscuit, you can't compromise that one!

Yes indeed, it's always the simple things that make life lovely... :)

earthy blues, Flickr mosaic curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. sfgirlbybay, 2. hildagrahnat, 3. Sue McLoughlin, 4. snappingtwig, 5. hildagrahnat, 6. hildagrahnat, 7. scoot-ah, 8. matte stephens, 9. .natasha.

Anyway, if you take a moment and look at this weeks inspiration a little differently you can almost visualise a romantic weekend break in Italy (bottom right), visiting amazing historical sights and galleries to gaze at stunning works of art. Yeah, you have to squint quite hard, but I know you all have great creative imaginations and will have no trouble visualising it... :)

But if you are in need of a lovey-dovey fix then you can take a peek at my Monday post and some lovingly crafted artworks. If you must... ;)

Emma, x

ps - I will pop in sometime over the weekend with a clue for my give away.

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