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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

a wee thank you

emma lamb

Yes indeed, I think a wee 'thank you' is most definitely in order!

I know we're only into February, but so far 2010 has been quite the exciting year (or few weeks!) for me and my crochet ladies. We have been invited to say hello on some lovely blogs and, as you know, we've been honoured with a virtual award. There is even another really very exciting thing that I haven't told you about yet, but unfortunately my lips are sealed until it comes to fruition! On top of all that my Etsy shop has never been so popular, 'Mavis' even made it to the Etsy front page a couple of hours ago! WOW!!!

So I would like to say thank you for all this loveliness that has kept me smiling and happy despite my winter blues, and I shall do so with a wee giveaway! Do you remember a very 'cryptic' post from a couple of weeks ago? Did you figure out what they were going to be? If so, would you like one? Would you like your own wee snippet of spring cheer?

Would you like your own wee 'vintage rose' pincushion?

Vintage Rose pincushions, crochet by Emma Lamb

Vintage Rose pincushions, crochet by Emma Lamb

If your answer to most of those questions is yes, then listen closely and I shall tell you how you could win this lovely wee lady here...

Vintage Rose pincushions, crochet by Emma Lamb

Yep, I think she's my fave too!

Vintage Rose pincushions, crochet by Emma Lamb

All you have to do is guess her name, simple!

The rules are...
-You must post your guess here on my blog in the comments section, I will not accept guesses from any other source 'oooh, that's a bit strict!'
- Only one guess per comment, if you include more than one guess in a comment I will only count the first one 'it almost feels like you're at school again, doesn't it!?'
- You can comment as many times as you like for more guesses 'that's a wee bit nicer!'
- If more than one person guesses correctly I will (somehow) randomly choose one person to be the winner 'that sounds fair enough!'
- In order to win you must leave me some way of contacting you, ie. if you don't have a blog or etsy shop etc. then please leave a valid e-mail address with your comment and guess 'yep, I'm in full headmistress mode now!'
- You have one week to get your guesses in and I will announce the winner next wednesday, that is if my 'iffy computer situation' allows it! 'fair enough!'
- Oh, and I may drop one or two clues in the week, that is unless everyone guesses right the first time... ;)

Good luck!

Emma, x

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