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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

weekend inspiration : getting cosy for the weekend

emma lamb

Staying cosy at home with beautiful handmade textiles. Layers of crochet and quilted textures in soft whites, with rainbow coloured details for a fresh and optimistic feel. Oh, and the occasional sweet and tasty treat... of course!

getting cosy for the weekend, Flickr mosaic curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. EmiShimosato02, 2. Creature Comforts, 3. dottie angel, 4. good mood factory, 5. danske, 6. tovemichelle12, 7. littlejennywren, 8. ntmtk, 9. aixxx

My start to the new year has been a wee bit slow to say the least. I feel like I've been way too focused on the chilly weather and trying to stay warm, and now that the forecast is for things to get colder and more snowy it's all just a bit too depressing! So today I think it's high time to snap out of it, shift my focus to more pleasing thoughts of crafty goodness! It's a New Year. A fresh start. A time for optimism and creativity, time to get going on all these new ideas that were so gracious enough to pop into my head during the holidays. Time for a wee bit of de-cluttering in my studio, and definitely time to dive into my yummy yarn stash and get a few new ladies ready to replenish the ranks of my wee shop... :)

Wishing you the very best of crafty weekends and I shall see you next week with one or two exciting new things!
Emma, x

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