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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

five 'indigo' things I'm loving right now

emma lamb

Five 'indigo' things I'm loving right now | Emma Lamb
Charming norwegian cocktail tray - jawaddel

I have a wee bit of a thing for blues today, particularly kimono style deep dark indigo and especially if it's next to a lovely rich mustard yellow. Not very spring like I know but I couldn't help my eye being drawn to these lovely finds on Etsy today...

Five 'indigo' things I'm loving right now | Emma Lamb
Clockwise from top left - peacock fan no. 1 - spinthread | Snap pouch in navy daisy - PonderandStitch | Three Ornate Italian Metal Frames with Classic Prints - susantique | Wooden Cupcake Pincushion - raycious

As you can probably tell I still haven't had any luck in snagging a treasury slot, the treasury gods certainly aren't smiling down on me at the moment! But if they have their way it won't be long before we can all grab as many as we like, whenever we like! To be honest I'm not quite sure what I think about that!? On one hand it will be great because I won't need to hang around the pc for ages waiting for old treasuries to expire, but on the other the thrill of the chase will be gone! It will kinda take a bit of the fun away if you know what I mean, if you don't then yes, you're right! I probably should get out more, ha!

It seems there are lots of big changes planned for Etsy, now that it's founder is back on the scene. You can read about them in the announcement section of the forums (a place I dare not tread very often!) and specifically here, here, here and here. It all sounds very exciting and I can't wait to see what it means for my wee shop!

Emma, x

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