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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

studio details : getting organised!

emma lamb

Emma Lamb's studio

I have done my de-cluttering! I have organised, tidied, sorted, filed, recycled, shredded, arranged and re-arranged. All that is left to do is to take one quite large bag to the charity shop, stop fiddling with my newly and neatly arranged yarn stash (now guarded by the happy girls!) and get down to some crafty business!

Emma Lamb's studio
Emma Lamb's studio

Although, as you can see I have already been up to a wee bit of crafty business. I did find a few minutes to crochet some new flowers and a few more minutes to string them together into one or two garlands. So as soon as the sun finds a few minutes to shine and I can spend a few more minutes photographing them ready for a wee shop update - yay!

Oh, and also amongst all the de-cluttering I did find a few minutes to put together a new Tumblr blog. Although it won't be quite the same as this one where I waffle on between the pretty pics! Nope, this one is only going to be about the pretty pics - 'Woo-hoo!!!' - I hear you cry!

Tumblr blog by Emma Lamb

For a while I've been wanting a space where I can collect and organise my most favourite and inspiring images. Usually I just save them into a folder on my computer, trying to get as much info into the file name as possible so I can remember where I found them, but of course that never really works, does it!? The thought of using Tumblr didn't occur to me until a few days ago when I was reading Jennifer's unique blog, which almost feels like a galley with the beautiful images she has gathered together. So now I have created my own wee gallery space and am feeling quite organised indeed!

Oh yes, and what is really surprising me is that amongst all of that I even found a few minutes to take part in a wee interview for the lovely Gina of 'Bright and Blithe'. So if fancy a wee read then grab yourself a fresh brew, maybe a sweet treat too and hop on over there!

Yep, I am feeling super duper organised! Okay, okay!!! So we'll agree to gloss over the huge pile of e-mails I need to write - I promise they're on my to do list for tomorrow along with something really exciting that I can't wait to tell you about!!!

Emma, x

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