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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

flickr - v - etsy

emma lamb

...i was thinking to myself this morning that it's been a while since i've stalked a treasury slot on etsy and the main reason is my flickr addiction! instead of patiently waiting for a wee slot to open up i am now whiling away the hours getting lost in mesmerising photo streams, and how can i not be addicted when with every click of the wee mouse there is such deliciousness to feast your eyes upon!?
...especially in the 'all colours in...' pool i set up a few months ago, which has now grown to over 200 members and over 1000 images! it is full to bursting with wonderful colour pattern and texture, and i am so thankful to everyone who has joined or submitted their beautiful images to help make it what it is ~ thank you :) in celebration i have decided to do a regular feature here on my wee blog with some of my top picks, and to kick off here are just a few of my favourites so far...

...untitled by tinytoadstool from dadaya...

...doily doily detail by icedgrandesoylatte...

...untitled by lobster and swan...

...Tissue hugger by jasna.janekovic...

...may i find balance by Veronica TM...

...Buttons & Doilies by kristenaderrick...

...utterly gorgeous! and if you haven't already, please do drop by and don't be shy in sharing your lovely images :)

...and before i go, i also want to say a huge thank you to victoria, of sfgirlbybay , for her lovely post featuring some of her faves from the pool ~ and for featuring my granny cushion 'doris' in her retro fabulous post ~ thank you!

...i shall be back soon with the promised crochet update, hope you all have a great weekend!