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All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

shoptalk : at last they're here

emma lamb

No longer need the walls of your home be bare...

No longer do you need to put up with boring old pictures in frames, hanging there all day just looking pretty with no other use...

No longer need you despair at not having a wall of stunning art that is not only beautiful but practical too...

Ladies and gentlemen (are there any gentlemen reading this!?)...

I give you... *drum roll please*

Crochet Potholders! | Emma Lamb

...crochet potholders...

The colourful, versatile, practical, and pretty wee things you and your walls have been waiting for all your life, you just didn't know it yet ~ although one or two of you may have had an inkling... ;)

Crochet potholder wall art and granny cushions | Emma Lamb

I have been so excited about these wee ladies lately and it has taken all of my concentration not to blurt out what I have been up to! They have been one of the most enjoyable crochet project I have worked on, and once I plucked up the courage to hammer wee nails into my walls (a bar of yummy dark chocolate helped with the trauma of it all!) I had a lot of fun arranging their shapes and colours into the perfect display... :)

Crochet potholder wall art and granny cushions | Emma Lamb

So now you know who all these wee tags belong to, I hope the suspense was worth it!?

Anyway, over the next few days these lovely ladies will be finding their way into my wee Etsy shop along with another cushion or two. Then I will be back soon with my very first giveaway!

Emma, x

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