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trying to get started again

emma lamb

A few summer Instagram's - follow me as | Emma Lamb

Omg, I don't want to though! It's too nice out there. I just want to play in the sunshine ALL the time! I hadn't planned to be away for so long but since gorgeous summer day after gorgeous summer day just kept arriving in these parts - and they can be so rare some years! - there was nothing else for it, I just had to unplug and go outside. And I unplugged completely! Even my new found love for Instagram was ditched in favour of walking and sun lounging!

Inevitably the post holiday blues have kicked in a little after all that unplugging and I'm totally lacking motivation this week, especially for blogging! I started back to work on Monday and here we are on Friday afternoon when I've only just got my butt into gear to pull these few words and pictures together. Ha! I've got tons of ideas, summer pics and pretty stuff to share but it's always that first post that's the real pain, right!? Not knowing where to start then blog tweaking and procrasto-pinning until it becomes stupidity on stilts... 'Stupidity on stilts' is the best phrase of the week and my new fave along with 'procrasto-pinning' which I just thought up. Probably not original, I haven't checked, but I love it nonetheless! Who else is a total procrasto-pinner!? Ironically if you take the hyphen out and pretend there are two 'p's in there is says 'stop pinning'. Pfft to that!

So yes while procrasto-pinning yesterday I found this pin which jolted me into action. Sadly I couldn't find an original credit for the image so won't share it here - if anyone knows who it belongs to do let me know. Instead I decided to spend the whole of yesterday afternoon faffing in Photoshop with fonts and whatnot to create my own graphic with those inspiring words: 'Don't start later, start right now!'

Don't start later, start right now! | graphic by Emma Lamb, suitable for all your procrastinating habits!

So here I am, starting right now and totally getting my butt into gear! What about all you lovelies, how do you curb you procrasto-pinning ways? Please do share your words of wisdom in the comments, I have an inkling I might need them too ;)