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making everyday beautiful : summer blues


All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

making everyday beautiful : summer blues

emma lamb

Oh summer, where art thou? Seriously where has it gone!? What with the thunderstorms, rainstorms and even hailstones we've had here lately it's seems that these beautiful blue skies have been replaced with that autumn greyness. Too soon, way too soon! I want more blue skies and dramatic sunsets not cosy blankets and winter duvets, at least not yet!

making everyday beautiful : summer blues | Emma Lamb

Image credits: 1. fox-and-fern, 2. KissKus, 3. **mog**, 4. venlani, 5. msialmedia

So today I am being totally self indulgent with my picks because you, my making everyday beautiful buddies, also have the summer blues but of the far more cheerful variety! Aren't these gorgeous!? Who else wants to run through a field of dandelion clocks then daydream the afternoon away cloud watching? Non-grey clouds obviously. BTW, I'm still crushing on these blue tones for everything else too - sapphire and cobalt are going to be my colours of autumn. If you can't have blue skies make your own! Right?