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making everyday beautiful : handmade


All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

making everyday beautiful : handmade

emma lamb

Hello my blog buddies, I hope you all had a fab weekend with lots of picnics at the beach or in your local park!? As it turns out the picnic weather bypassed Edinburgh and instead of long lazy afternoons sitting in the sun we took in a few blowy but nice walks around Arthur's Seat. It's been a while since we've been up there and Spanner loved it! It was good for me to switch off a bit after having such an exciting week last week, I confirmed a fab commission late on Friday and today I am eagerly awaiting a very special yarn delivery. So excited! As soon as it arrives I shall be diving headlong into a crochet marathon, there's a tight deadline on this project so it will be non-stop for a week - eek! But a tight deadline hopefully means that it won't be long until I can show you exactly what I've been working on, can't wait! Anyhow, until then lets share in some pretty handmade picks from making everyday beautiful...

making everyday beautiful : handmade | Emma Lamb

Image credits: 1. Dorie Schwarz, 2. marlene rodrigues, 3. found and sewn, 4. olivia villarreal, 5. juli-gold

I spotted Dorie's stunning chevron quilt on Pinterest (thank you Rachel!) and immediately fell in love with it. After finding my way to her Flickr pages and inviting her image to the group I knew I had to use it as inspiration for one of my Monday round-ups. Sticking with the handmade theme I found this gorgeous collection of subtle zig-zags, stripes and colour blocks in pretty shades of plum, pink and ochre. Slightly autumnal and definitely hinting back to that putty-pink thing again... yikes!

Emma, x