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floral things I'm loving right now


All your favourite posts from my previous blog!

floral things I'm loving right now

emma lamb

Hello my blog buddies and happy Friday to you all! I hope you've had a fab week!? Mine has been filled with so much gorgeous yarn and crochet that I could not be happier than if I was a Spanner snoozing in the sunshine! But every so often I need to take a little break to rest my hands and this afternoon I have been pootling around the web being inspired by all sorts of gorgeous floral finds. Here are just a few of my faves...

floral things I'm loving right now (DIY Flower Chandelier by Honestly WTF) | Emma Lamb

DIY Flower Chandelier by Honestly WTF - I have a bit of a blog crush going on with Honestly WTF right now, not just because it has one of the best blog names ever but because some of the recent DIY projects over there are just so lovely. This fresh cut rose chandelier is one of my absolute favourites, isn't it just gorgeous!?

floral things I'm loving right now (Flower Boys by Tulipana) | Emma Lamb

Flower Boys by Tulipana - Another blog crush I have going on just now is with Tulipana, the blog of a floral design boutique based in San Francisco. I can't remember how I found my way there but I am so happy I did! Kiana has an amazing eye for floral arrangements and stunning colours and I find myself cooing over everything she shows, but my most recent favourite floral arrangements are these curated by her two boys no less! Hop on over to see them in action, so lovely!

floral things I'm loving right now (Vintage Tole Flower Wall Sconce bu bellalulu) | Emma Lamb

Vintage Tole Flower Wall Sconce bu bellalulu - I do still appreciate a wee bit of 'granny chic' kitsch every now and then and this wall sconce has me smitten today. I love the faded, rusting colours. Aren't they lovely? I'd be tempted to take out all the old wiring and mount it on an outside wall in the garden, I think it would look so pretty lit up with candles on late summer evenings. Heads up though, it only ships within the US if you're interested.

floral things I'm loving right now (Sleeveless drapey top in cove floral by J.Crew) | Emma Lamb

Sleeveless drapey top in cove floral by J.Crew - I love this top so much! That print is just gorgeous in those colours - sapphire blue, pale pink, lime green, teal green and snippets of shocking pink. Love, love, love it!

floral things I'm loving right now (Face The Foliage by Justina Blakeney) | Emma Lamb

Face The Foliage by Justina Blakeney - If you haven't heard about #FaceTheFoliage yet, where have you been!? Well likely not on Instagram like me and maybe in a yarn and crochet vacuum, also like me!? It's a cute little project that Justina started four weeks ago when she posted this pic on Instagram. Since then her faces have become more elaborate and ingenious in the way she uses petals and foliage to create these portraits. The top right here is a fabulous portrait of Joy Cho from OhJoy! Do check out Justina's blog and Instagram pages for more portraits and some great inspiration for bank holiday activity!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!