art & illustration : The Wheatfield

These beautiful sea inspired art prints from The Wheatfield. Oh, and that stunning ampersand because it visually connects the words of these two prints so perfectly... ;)

Take Me To The Sea, Land of Ampersand and Salt Air Hair art prints by The Wheatfield
Links: Take Me To The Sea, Land of Ampersand, Salt Air Hair

Thank you so much to everyone for your get well wishes yesterday, my wee man seems to be back to his old self today... :) That is to say, on finishing his breakfast this morning he gave us the usual questioning look. His eyes flicking between us, his cupboard of treats and his empty bowl, as if inquiring as to why we weren't emptying the contents of said cupboard into said empty bowl to fillup the yet unsaid empty (in his mind) belly! Yep, definitely back to normal... !

Emma, x

a very Scottish, summery Sunday afternoon at the beach...

My poor wee man isn't feeling well today... after throwing up all over my bedroom carpet yesterday afternoon (entirely missing the wood floors in the rest of our house, where it would have been so much easier to clean up!) he has been feeling very, very sorry for himself... :(
We were a wee bit worried last night as he refused any food or water, something he never does...ever! But thankfully this morning he seems to be feeling a tiny bit better and has managed to eat and drink a few mouthfuls... we think he must have snaffled some wee tidbit while out on his walk yesterday and it has thoroughly disagreed with him!
He's terrible for hunting out anything edible where ever he goes. There have been so many 'incidents' which have included a french stick, a whole roast chicken, swallowing a large sausage roll in one gulp and lots of other such 'stories' that make you despair and giggle all at once! But one time he gave us a real fright, he had a very lucky escape from serious injury after I had to retrieve a fish hook and length of line from his throat... !!!
Gah, you wouldn't think it to look at his cute face but sometimes he can be a real idiot... but a wee idiot that I wouldn't part with and one that loves being at the beach just as much as I do... :)

Crammond beach, Edinburgh Spanner at Crammond beach, Edinburgh summery grey skies... :( Spanner was here... ! paw prints in the sand digging like a dog posessed... ...makes him so happy! tiny treasure, shell less than a centimetre long... ! I don't want to go home... !

Wishing you all a wonderful day,
Emma, x

colour your monday happy...


Rose hanger by Tamar / nestdecorating untitled by sunken treasure P52-23 by la vida compartida... {RosaMaría} mmmmm. masking tape. by pilli pilli buttoncupcake3 by Emma Varnam

Image credits: 1. nestdecorating, 2. sunken treasure, 3. la vida compartida... {RosaMaría}, 4. pilli pilli, 5. Emma Varnam

Happy, happy Monday my lovelies... !
It is still 'summery grey' in Edinburgh this morning and I'm just a teensy bit jealous of the mini heatwave the south has had this weekend... I hope all you southerners made the most of it!? Oh, and the pictures of Glastonbury (here, here and here!) looked amazing too! I missed the butterflies but will catch up with that later today... :)

Anyhoo, today's wee selection of images from 'all colours in' are amongst some of my absolute faves at the moment... Of course you know how much I love this kind of styling, snippets of pretty patterns and delicious colours set against soft creamy white backdrops... always a winner in my mind!

Wishing you all the most fabulous day whatever you are up to... :)
Emma, x

Happy friday... :)

Hello my lovelies and happy Friday to all my friends... !

It has been a strange week this week with all it's ups and downs, a bit of a roller coaster shall we say... ! But in this wee corner of blogland I much prefer to focus on the ups and share in all the things that truly make me happy... :)

And today the thing that is truly making me happy is the hint of summer in the air, yay... ! It is only a hint mind you and I know it's not going to last long, but the clouds have parted slightly to let the sun shine though and I am appreciating every minute of it... :)

The other thing that has made me happy this week (which I knew it would!) was spending a few quality days in my wee studio... Singing along to a few of my favourite Josh Ritter tunes, drinking tea and nibbling chocolate, all the while finishing up a few ladies with wee tags and pretty buttons... Miss Lillian and Miss Luella have already found themselves a sunny spot in my shop window... :)
I also had a lovely custom order come through a couple of days ago, for this wee gold flower charm. The sweet and lovely person that ordered it is planning to use it as a shade pull in their own creative space... I love that, such a great idea!
Talking of ideas I have lots of them tumbling about my head at the moment, a few new ones and some that I have been mulling over for a while, most of which I am itching to make a start on... So if this summer continues to be less than summery I'll be heading off into my wee studio as much as possible for some crafty therapy... :)

Oh! Yes, there is another thing that is making me very happy this week... learning just how caring and supportive some of the wonderful people in our crafty community really are... ! You guys surprised me, but in such a great way and I am so thankful to you all... :)

I hope you all have the best weekend possible... !

Emma, x

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summer blues

summer blues, Flickr mosaic curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: centre/1. A bunch of beans, 2. knitalatte11, 3. all over print, 4. Creature Comforts, 5. e.kristina, 6. piaktw, 7. kaylovesvintage, 8. tiel*sk, 9. e.kristina, 10. xanthe berkeley, 11. dottie angel, 12. freefallingletty, 13. enhabiten

Hello my lovelies...
I'm feeling a wee bit off today. Not ill. Just a wee bit heavy under all this miserable weather! If you have read this blog for any length of time you might have noticed that my mood always goes with the weather and I'm definitely a sunshine kinda girl. So the lack of summer in these parts is playing heavy on me at the moment. Sometimes I can shake off these iffy feelings with distractions of the crafty kind, sometimes I can't.
This morning my wee spirit was lifted on seeing Miss Tif's (and her #4's!) very spiffy pom pom garland. On spying it's loveliness I felt a sudden urge to be in my wee studio for lots of quality crafting time. I've been lacking this feeling a wee bit recently so I must take it as a sign and follow my crafty instincts! So, I am going to take a few days for myself and my sanity and I shall pop back to chat with all you lovelies soon.

Wishing you all a sunshiny day,
Emma, x

colour your monday happy...

The summer solstice is almost upon us but I can't help feeling that something isn't quite right... something is missing... I can't quite put my finger on it... any ideas... !?

All the kingdom lights shine just for me and you by Carissa Lynne summer by Liucija Diskoteka summer mood garden by wood & wool stool 100:365 by A bunch of beans Scarborough Fair by jillyspoon

Image credits: 1. Carissa Lynne, 2. Liucija Diskoteka, 3. wood & wool stool, 4. A bunch of beans, 5. jillyspoon

Yeah, the lack of summer sunshine and blue skies combined with dreary rainy days and even hailstone showers can certainly bring out the sarcasm in a girl... ;)

Here's hoping it will improve sometime soon... !
Emma, x

for my dad...

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Red letter pillows : Jonathan Adler

Hope you have a lovely day, Dad... !?
Emma, x

colour palette : jewel coloured petals

colour palette : jewel coloured petals - curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Brides (Domino Magazine), 2. KUCHNIA-PEŁNA-CUDÓW

Hip, hip hooray, it's Friday!
As you can see I'm still loving yummy saturated colours, but today I'm looking at richer, more autumnal shades. The inspiration for today's palette came from Pantone's fall fashion report, I just love that palette so much - bamboo and deep teal; honeysuckle and nougat; quarry, cedar and emberglow; phlox, coffee liqueur and orchid hush. Delicious colours with great names!
I've already put this inspiration into action with a few new crochet pieces that I want to finish up this weekend. They have been quietly waiting on my desk for so long now, while I was working on a couple of other exciting wee projects. One of which is probably more exciting for me that you guys, but the other one. Well I know you are going to just love it!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend, come rain or shine!
Emma, x

Mollie Makes

Have you seen this gorgeous wee film from the lovely ladies behind the new Mollie Makes craft magazine... !?

Isn't is just the sweetest thing!? The music and animation are just so cute and I love that it is oozing with beautiful saturated colour... It makes me want to be able to step right into it for a crafty afternoon with peppermint tea and chocolate topped cupcakes! What better way to spend a very rainy (and very British!) summer afternoon!? (Although I must admit the sun is shining here at the moment, but who knows for how long... !?)
It was filmed around Bath, where the lovely Mollie Makes ladies are based, and at The Makery craft workshop, also in Bath. It features Sara Sinaguglia’s adorable crochet apple cosies that graced the front cover of the very first issue of Mollie Makes, if you missed out on a copy you can find the lovely pattern here. Oh, and Lori Marie’s fabulous wee panty flashers, too cute... !
Mollie Makes have set up their very own YouTube channel so I'm guessing there will more loveliness to follow... can't wait!

Here's hoping you can find a reason to smile through the rain today... !
Emma, x

designer maker : grrl + dog

Occasionally I stumble upon an Etsy shop and immediately and completely fall head over heels for the gorgeous goodies therein. When this happens I suddenly go all secretive and kinda jealous. I love the items so much but worry about favouriting them or the lovely shop, just in case someone else comes along and buys up all those gorgeous goodies and then artist suddenly decides they don't want to make said goodies anymore and I will never get to see such beauty again! Yeah, I know that's a daft and messed up way of thinking... That's why today I am (reluctantly) sharing grrl + dog's stunning vintage fabric softies...

vintage fabric softies by grrl + dog

Denise Litchfield's is the incredible talent and stitchery obsessed artist behind grrl + dog, who crafts these beautiful softies...

"I adore vintage fabric and buttons. I hoard old lace. My hand embroidered primitive softies emerge from the 1930's and 1940's using rescued fabric and feedsack.
Over many hours of hand stitching, they tell me stories of who they were.. running in open fields, gathering daisies or stirring a pot while the kettle whisltes softly. They speak of a time when things were honest and made to last."

Denise then stitches and patches these stories into new characters that have their own wee story to tell... I love that! In fact , just love everything about them ~ the embroidery, vintage fabric combinations, gorgeous colours, their shapes and faces and even the way they have been photographed and styled.

vintage fabric softies by grrl + dog

In addition to her Etsy shop, grrl + dog also has a great website and blog where you can find out more about these vintage fabric softies and Denise's guerrilla knitting... :)

Wishing you all a sunny day,
Emma, x

a thrifty good day

Okay, so today was not the thrifty good day. No, today was an iffy technology day...

First of all my camera was having a wee bit of an iffy morning giving me nice blank white pages instead of the pretty pictures I wanted! But after a lot of switching on and off again and re-booting I did manage to get it working and in a good enough mood to hand over said pictures... But of course, when I then tried to get those pretty pictures up onto Flickr, my browser decided to take the huff too and virtually refused to do anything for a couple of hours... everything seems to be working again, for the time being at least!

Although one good thing did come out of all this iffy-ness, I took it as a sign that I should back up all my files and photos (something I haven't done since January ~ eeek!) in ready-ness for a complete system failure... Ha! How's that for tempting fate, eh!?

Thrifted vintage Coats crochet leaflets | Emma Lamb

So anyhoo, onto the thrifty good day... A day when I seemed to hit the jackpot in not one but two of my most favourite charity shops! When I say jackpot I really mean it because I scored a couple of lovely things that are near impossible to find, like these fabulous vintage crochet leaflets... You can walk into almost any charity shop and fall over piles of knitting patterns (mostly from the eighties) and wonky aluminium needles, but crochet patterns and hooks are like gold dust! So I was almost giddy when I rifled through the suspicious pastel mohair cardigans with shoulder pads to find these beauties... :)

Then in the very same shop I bagged myself yet another gorgeous glass find, this utterly beautiful amber glass tray... I haven't had the best light to photograph it properly (I've heavily edited that 'rainy day grey' out of this one!) but when I do I hope I can capture it's gorgeous gold reflections... so beautiful!

Score! Amber gold vintage glass tray | Emma Lamb
Thrifted Japanese Kokeshi | Emma Lamb

Of course after I had that much thrifty luck I wasn't holding out much hope for my second favourite charity shop. How wrong was I... !? Because waiting quietly at the back of a wee shelf were these two handsome Kokeshi... Who are generally just as elusive as crochet goodies, so as soon as I saw them snapped them up and didn't let go! Right now they are living quite happily on my studio shelves, fitting in perfectly and making friends with the other ladies up there... :) I now have seven of these wee lovelies up on that shelf, which makes me very happy as that is a mighty fine number for the start of an eventually large collection... ;)

Shelfie! Vintage vases and Kokeshi finds | Emma Lamb

I also bagged a pretty nifty, blue and white enamel pie tin for 75p, but as that was crusted with the remnants of a very yummy, but messy, fish pie when I was taking these pics I didn't snap that for you... :)

Here's hoping that a wee bit of thrifty luck will find you... :)
Emma, x

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colour your monday happy...


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Image credits: 1. sweet sweet life, 2. Nana Odile, 3. Makowe Pole, 4. rainingsheep, 5. | viviana |

Good morning, good morning... !
I'm so in need of some saturated colour therapy today after such a miserable grey weekend... far too depressing to even complain about! So lets not, lets just enjoy some fabulously colourful homely stuff and drool over vintage Arcopal and Catherine Holm collections... and pretend we're not insanely jealous of either!
Oh, and if need even more colour therapy than this, or have your own collection of colourful vintage goodies you would like us all to be jealous of, please do pop over to our Flickr pool 'all colours in' and share in the fun... :)

Wishing you all a smiley day,
Emma, x