colour palette : beautiful blooms

colour palette : beautiful blooms - curated by Emma Lamb
colour palette : beautiful blooms - curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. jasna.janekovic, 2. fieldandsea, 3. Valspring, 4. virginia-blue

Could there be a more lovely way to end the blogging week than with a whole bunch of beautiful blooms and vibrant saturated colours!? I love these colours so much today this will definitely be a palette I will keep coming back to.

This weekend I don't have any plans planned as yet. Maybe a couple of lazy days would be nice, but who knows what will happen tomorrow!? I know I haven't been yarn shopping in a wee while. You know, the kind of yarn shopping where you pick up every skein of yarn at least twice just because you love how soft and squishy it feels, and spend at least an hour or more just playing with colour combinations. Usually this leaves me in a complete state of indecision and I end up leaving with nothing at all, but maybe that kind of yarn shopping isn't really about actually buying the yarn? Either way I might have just found myself a wee plan.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and that you plans all work out as planned!
Emma, x

shoptalk : the twins, Esme & Doris

Yay, it's Friday already!
This week seems to have gone by so quickly, so much so that yesterday was gone in the blink of an eye and it wasn't until I was curled up in bed that I realised I hadn't popped in with a lovely blog post for you! Oh well, I shall make up for it today by introducing you to two new and ever so lovely ladies - Esme and Doris! Who will be making their way to my wee shop shelves in just a jiffy.

Esme and Doris, hand crochet cushion covers - © emma lamb
Esme and Doris, hand crochet cushion covers - © emma lamb
Esme and Doris, hand crochet cushion covers - © emma lamb

These two lovely ladies were simply inspired by 'summer' and this 'vintage crafting' colour palette I put together back in April. I just can't get that one out of my head! I wanted to capture that wonderful sense of warmth and optimism I always get in the summer, the feeling that everything is full of life and energy and the sense that the world is such a wonderful place to experience. Of course there's a huge dollop of vintage inspired granny chic-ness going on in there too, as always! I do hope you love them too and that they help make up for yesterday's forgetfulness!?

Oh, and I shall do my very best to pop back later with some colourful inspiration for your weekend,
Emma, x

etsy favourites : simple charm

Good morning my dears!
Today I'm having a wee bit of a thing for muted rustic colours and after a spot of window shopping I have a brand new treasury collection of Etsy lovelies for you to feast your eyes on...

etsy favourites : simple charm - curated by Emma Lamb

I'm particularly loving the warm ochre shades against those bright whites, slate blues and almost silvery greys. Also the contrast between the chunky cables of my mam's Hot Water Bottle Sweater and the delicacy of Saratops Recycled Book Pages Garland and Golly Bards Fanciful Feather Collection.

I do hope you enjoy it too?
Emma, x

blog crush : Horse by Cassia Beck

Good morning!
Today I'm feeling very perky and happy. Partly because for the first time in a wee while my 'to do' list doesn't look so epic and with the exception of one or two I seem to be on top of my messages too, yay! Of course I know this won't last too long, but just now I'm enjoying the moment.

I'm also in such a good mood because I've been looking at yet more wonderful eye candy from the incredibly talented photographer and collage artist, Cassia Beck! I'm sure you have all heard of Cassia and are already aware of her sublime nostalgic style? I know I have included her inspirational work in my Monday and Friday posts many times already! But today I want to share with you some snippets of a brand new 'year' project she has embarked on called 'Horse'. The goal she has set herself is to take a daily photograph of a toy horse she played with as a child. To find out more please do check out the blog Cassia has set up to support this project.

Horse by Cassia Beck
All images: Cassia Beck

If you love this 'Horse' project then I urge you to check out the rest of Cassia's work which you can find in her Etsy shops: Cassia Beck, Lola's Room and Violet May

Wishing you all a day that is as sweet as Cassia's photography!
Emma, x

colour your monday happy...

with 'snippets' of summery colours... :)

~ three red apples ~

~ nanaCompany ~

~ dottie angel ~

~ wood & wool stool ~

~ trisha brink design ~

i love 'snippets' of colour, that 'less is more' approach to adding colourful details to an otherwise blank canvas, or possibly even a white zebra ~ seriously, how cute is this wee fella... !? how wonderful would it be to see the world through a six year old's eyes, especially if that world were full of rainbow striped zebras... !?
at the very least we could arrange our bookshelves with some pretty colour co-ordination as the lovely Ingrid has done... seems like the perfect way to spend yet another rainy afternoon... :)

wishing you all a colourful Monday!

colour palette : green, green grass

colour palette : green, green grass - curated by Emma Lamb
colour palette : green, green grass - curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits : 1. Creature Comforts, 2. butterflyfoodie, 3. MoonStitches, 4. hildagrahnat

After three weeks of dull grey and almost constant rain this week I am hoping for some sunshine, for a wee bit of summer to return to Edinburgh this weekend. I'm feeling a wee bit 'cooped up' and all I want to do is get out in the open, fill my lungs with fresh air, sit on the grass picking daisies and maybe shade under some trees in the dappled sunlight.

I do not want to be rummaging through cupboards fishing out the winter woollies. I do not want the house to be filled with that 'wet dog' smell yet again. I do not want to be lighting every lovely scented candle I have just to get rid of said doggy smell. I do not want to be putting the lights on in the middle of the day because it is just so dark!

Surely this is not too much to ask, especially in July!?

I am planning a long walk along the river to see Antony Gormely's new '6 times' installation. I am hoping the sun will shine or at the very least that the rain will not rain!

I do hope you all have some lovely sunshiny (or not!) plans lined up for your weekends too?
Emma, x

stuff I love : flowers and feathers

Flowery and feathery finds from my Pinterest boards: 1. Emma by Jane Austen, 2. Feathery Plumes No. 19 by Golly Bard, 3. Mackintosh Rose Wallpaper by Graham and Brown, 4. Feathers by Groundwork, Danna Ray
Clockwise from top left: 1. Emma by Jane Austen, 2. Feathery Plumes No. 19 by Golly Bard, 3. Mackintosh Rose Wallpaper by Graham and Brown, 4. Feathers by Groundwork, Danna Ray

I spotted these four lovelies co-ordinating perfectly over on my 'pattern & design' Pinterest board and thought they were too pretty not to share.

Emma, x

jewellery box : María Goti Joyas, Folium and El Viejo Balancin collections

I'm sticking with the black and white theme for another day because when I saw María Goti Joyas Folium Ring on the front page of Etsy last night it was love at first sight! I discovered her 'Fleur' collection a while ago but when I had a wee peek at her lovely shop last night I discovered her stunningly gorgeous 'Folium' and 'El Viejo Balancin' collections...

María Goti Joyas : Folium and El Viejo Balancin collections
All images: María Goti Joyas

I am completely floored by how breathtakingly beautiful her work is! To find out more about María and her work check out her Etsy shop, website and facebook pages.

Wishing you all a wonderfully monochromatic day!
Emma, x

shoptalk : do not adjust your set

Black and white is totally the new colour! At least for today anyway...

A brand new collection of monochrome ladies soon to be appearing in my Etsy shop. © emma lamb
A brand new collection of monochrome ladies soon to be appearing in my Etsy shop. © emma lamb
A brand new collection of monochrome ladies soon to be appearing in my Etsy shop. © emma lamb
A brand new collection of monochrome ladies soon to be appearing in my Etsy shop. © emma lamb
A brand new collection of monochrome ladies soon to be appearing in my Etsy shop. © emma lamb

Nancy, Maude, Grace and Esme & Lily - coming to a granny chic Etsy store near you soon!

Actually, lovely Nancy, my new monochrome granny cushion, will be making her appearance in my shop this afternoon! I can't tell you how good it feels to finally have some new work ready, it has been way to long! Don't get me wrong though, it has been incredible working on so many inspiring custom orders (watch out for more pictures over the next couple of weeks!) it's just that the inspiration has been growing and the ideas have been building up in my wee head. So much so that if I hadn't started work on them soon I may have just exploded. Seriously! So I think for the next wee while I shall be taking a wee break from the custom orders, purely for the sake of my 'on the brink of exploding' head!

A lovely day to you my friends,
Emma, x

colour your monday happy...

inspired by left and right...

~ {brooke} gloryof_80s ~

~ lobster and swan ~

~ namolio ~

~ Ingthings ~

~ tiel*sk ~

~ sweetmyrtle ~

i have a wee bit of a soft spot for photos that are styled with their subject just creeping in from the side ~ left or right, i don't mind which... ;) ~ or even with their subject 'floating' away from the centre. i especially love them when the subject is full of exciting detail and colour but is then balanced with a neutral background, either neutral in texture or colour...
i'm drawn to these images far more than ones where the subject is plonked right in the middle of the image...
somehow they just seem far more interesting, especially so with those where the image has been cropped so that you only see half of the subject... as though by only seeing half of it instantly creates a mystery and a want to find out more, i suppose 'intrigue' is the word i'm looking for... ;)
so yes, i am completely filled with 'intrigue' by today's collection of lovelies from 'all colours in...', i hope you are too... :)

now i'm off to the post office and on the way i think i'll see if i can find a tube of Smarties... !
a wonderful Monday to you all,

colour palette : where did the summer go?

colour palette : where did the summer go? - curated by Emma Lamb
colour palette : where did the summer go? - curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie, 2. Mundo Flo, 3. L. Grainne, 4. paulamills

It seems that our Scottish summer is taking a wee break. The storm clouds have been thick and heavy, the wind has raged and the rain has been torrential at times. Although it has been much needed in our gardens and I must admit that it has been quite refreshing after the wonderful heat we've been treated to this year. But today i'm in need of a splash of bright colour after a week of grey, a wee bit of pepping up if you will. So today's palette is doing just that for me, how about you?

Now that I'm feeling pepped up and energised I shall tackle the huge pile of photo editing that needs doing (thanks to 'dullness' caused by said stormy clouds!) and crochet a batch of new flowers in the most colourful colours I have.

A wonderful weekend to you all!
Emma, x

etsy favourites : air plant pods

The delicate leaves and beautiful simplicity of air plants. Air plants are cool. Fact!

I'm completely in love with the new trend for air plants displayed in simpleand beautiful vessels
Links: 1. Darrielle's Clay Art, 2. terradctl, 3. LBRANDTerraria, 4. mudpuppy, 5. Tortoise Loves Donkey, 6. to hold

I love these wee terradctl terrarium kits and think they would make a fab house warming or new office gift. Not just because they look so pretty, but also because even the least green fingered person in the world could keep one alive... surely!?

Oh, I can't tell you how much I love these stunningly beautiful hanging air plant pods from mudpuppy! ever since the incredibly talented Michael listed these in his Etsy shop I've been lusting after them. As fab as they look hanging individually like that, I can't help imagining half a dozen or more of them hanging together in the centre of my living room window.

Last but not least, this perfectly minute mid-century inspired pod will up your air plants street cred no end! As if an air plant could get any cooler!?

Mme thinks I may need a lie down after all this air plant excitement, phew!
Emma, x

yummy yarny-ness!

So yesterday, while lacking in motivation and with a brain that felt like it was swimming through treacle - Seriously, I have no idea what was up yesterday! Every time I tried to think about what ever it was I was supposed to be doing my poor wee brain just couldn't cope and kept timing out!? - The same way your internet connection can sometimes randomly give up on you, so frustrating! I so wish I had the excuse of 'it's too hot to work', but it's really not that warm here at the moment. Or possibly even 'how do you expect me to function without chocolate!' but let's face it, I'm never further than arms length from a bar of the delicious stuff! Ah well, we'll just put it down as one of those 'Monday' things...

Anyhow, so as I was saying - Yesterday, whilst supposed to be doing lots of other more important things, I decided to start a new board over on my Pinterest pages. This one being more of a lust list of squishy, colourful, yummy yarny-ness! Here are just a handful of the yummy-est that I thought you might like too...

Yummy yarny-ness! A collection of favourites from my newest Pinterest board with the same name
Links: 1. nef lace golden sunshine : fyberspates, 2. hathor lace in teal : wild fire fibres, 3. crime of passion : fearless fibres, 4. olive you : dyeabolical yarns, 5. water studies #53 : sundara yarn

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know my brain felt much happier and far more alert after being treated to such visual yummy-ness!
Emma, x

colour your monday happy...

with bright blues and bold summery pinks and reds... :)

~ elsy965 ~

~ Of Spring and Summer ~

~ One Flew Over... ~

~ noemozica ~


after a pretty soggy and grey weekend, today's colourful collection is in celebration of the beautiful blue skies we woke up to this morning ~ yay!
and what says 'summer' more than a huge bowl of bright red sweet and juicy cherries!? so delicious... :)

remember, if you would like to submit some of your wonderfully colourful pictures hop on over to the 'all colours in...' pool on Flickr... :)

wishing you all a bright and cheery start to your week too!

colour palette : weathered textures

colour palette : weathered textures - curated by Emma Lamb
colour palette : weathered textures - curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits : 1. francescaperry, 2. yyellowbird, 3. mintukka, 4. namolio

For today's palette I'm taking inspiration from 'Kathedra', it's beautiful shades of grey and sandstone textures, hints of lichens and moss, crumbling weathered surfaces contrasting with the sculptors chisel marks. But then adding interest with tiny pops of jewel colours like mustard, red, purple, olive and royal blue, thanks to namolio. I'm also loving the white on white florals in the net curtains and that beautiful dress in the mosaic, very pretty!

Today I'll be making a wee trip to the post office to send away a few more custom orders, then I really need to get on and do some finishing on a gift for a very dear friend who is coming to visit us very soon. Can't wait!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,
Emma, x

okay crochet...


some pretty and very summery potholders for a wonderful custom order i worked on recently. i'm so thrilled with how they turned out and how lovely they look in their own mini collection... it was great to have them hanging in my studio, even if it was only for a wee while before they went flying off to their new home... they just looked so cheery and made me smile every time looked at them. but of course now they are in their new home and certainly making someone else smile! just the thought of that makes me smile too... :)

i so love the handmade process... !

goblin king, goblin king...

so as promised here are a few sunny pictures from our walk along the river in Durham last week, in the pic above you can just see the very top of Durham Cathedral behind the trees... and if you look really closely you should be able to spot a stone throne on the river bank below the cathedral...
here's a closer look... :)

~ Kathedra : Colin Wilbourn, 1988 ~

it is a public sculpture created by the sculptor Colin Wilbourn in 1988 when he was artist in residence at the cathedral...
although when i first saw it i just assumed that it had been made with reclaimed sculptures found within the grounds of the cathedral itself, but of course i was wrong... if any few hundred year old carvings were found in such good condition as this i'm sure they wouldn't be left out on the river bank to be weathered by the elements... !

even so, i am absolutely fascinated with all these wonderful faces (as was my camera which kept doing the face recognition thingy, much to my amusement... ;) ) as it reminds me of one of my most favourite childhood (and adulthood) films ~ Labyrinth!

i'm wondering if it was in any way influenced by the film which was released in 1986, two years before this sculpture was put on display. my suspicions were raised by this last picture of a face hidden at the very bottom amongst all the weeds... surely i'm not the only one who thinks it bears an uncanny resemblance to one of the talking door knockers (the one on the right with the ring in it's mouth)... !?
maybe a 'homage' to the film... or maybe it is just me... ;)

anyhoo, now we're back to the title of this post and the huge crush i had on David Bowie, aka Jareth the Goblin King, after watching this fabulous film... *swoon*


ps ~ i've put more pics up on my flickr pages if you'd like to see... :)