stuff I love : Rifle Paper Co.

sweet floral paper goods from Rifle Paper Co. ~ kinda folksy and cute but in a grown up sort of way, i think it's the slightly sludgy colour palette that gives them that vintage / retro look... probably why i love them so much... :)

~ top to bottom : 1. floral heart print, folk card set, 2. Frances thank you card, 3. Ava thank you card, 4. botanical notes and calling card set, 5. Ella thank you card ~

oh yes, and i do love that they have given pretty girls names to their range of thank you cards... :)

a lovely day to you all... !

colour your monday happy...

with piles of pretty pillows from some incredibly talented crafters and designers... because lets face it, who doesn't love the odd pillow... or two... or ten!?

~ dottie angel ~

~ lola nova ~

~ skinny laminx ~

~ nest decorating ~

~ vintage fern ~

i do hope you all had the most wonderful weekend!?
it has been perfect wall to wall summery-ness here with barely any computer time at all, which has been quite freeing and refreshing! today is looking very promising too and instead of feeling all energised and ready to tackle the working week head on... i can't help myself looking out the window and thinking that maybe the weekend should last just a wee bit longer! i think i shall grab my most favourite pretty pillow, a glass of something refreshing with lots of ice, the wee man and take ourselves outside for a lazy sunny morning... :)
maybe then i will possibly contemplate thinking about maybe doing a wee bit of work... !

or not... ;)

wishing every one of you the pile of pillows you've always dreamed of... !

colour palette : summer pastels

colour palette : summer pastels - curated by Emma Lamb
colour palette : summer pastels - curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. mrs.french, 2. _cassia_, 3. Yvette Inufio, 4. fancypicnic

Calming sea greens and hazy ocean blues, hints of soft peachy pinks and leafy greens in pretty garden flowers. Hot sunlight bleaching bright shades to a muted palette that fills your memory with happy thoughts of wonderful summers gone by. It seems that this year our British summer is turning out to be just so!

I am signing off early today and planning a computer (and maybe even work free!) weekend to enjoy some of that summer loveliness.

A wonderful weekend to you all too, see you next week!
Emma, x

etsy favourites : simply beautiful

a few Etsy favourites that have been on my radar for a wee while and i thought it was high time i shared them with you...
today i'm loving them for their simplicity, uncomplicated design and soothing colours and because each and every one of them is just so pretty...
enjoy... :)

~ silver cloud : stepanka ceramics ~

~ escutcheon collection no.5 : golly bard ~

~ sea urchin airplant terrarium : terradctl ~

~ pumpkin pincushion : sea pinks ~

~ napkins : indobay textiles ~

~ vintage aqua long wire basket : bellalulu ~

~ passing by : tina crespo ~

oh, and a fabulous day to you all... :)

thank you... x

for all your lovely comments and sharing your kind thoughts over the last few days... :)
i've been quite overwhelmed by your response to my two wee guest posts over on My day is Friday and sfgirlbybay... you have made a girl feel very happy like she is floating on cloud nine with the sun beating down on her and with as much chocolate as she can eat... ;)
so to say thank you i have picked some beautiful peony roses from our garden just for you, enjoy...

if only you could smell them too... if there is a heaven i'm sure it would smell like these roses!

many hugs to you all,

so exciting!

so have you been on the edge of your seats all afternoon? waiting for another instalment of exciting news? no? oh well, i don't blame you, it is a gorgeous sunny day and if i hadn't got a wee bit too toasty yesterday i would be out there too... ;)

~ Kristybee Photography ~

so yes, i have more exciting news... another guest blog post in fact!
this invitation being from none other than the fabulous Victoria, of sfgirlbybay, who is treating herself to a wee 'staycation' and has called upon some fellow bloggers to help keep her lovely blog ticking over while she takes a well deserved break.
seriously, i can't tell you how thrilled i was when her wee e-mail dropped into my inbox! that was until i had a mad wee panic wondering what on earth i could write about for her... ;)
but after browsing both my Etsy and Flickr favourites i had a plan and if you'd like to know more pop on over to sfgirlbybay for a wee read of my post... :)

a fabulous day to you all... !

colour your monday happy...

with gorgeous vintage style florals and yummy saturated colours... :)

~ .nada ~

~ Three Red Apples ~

~ lydiafairy ~

~ Jesy ♥ ~

~ brightside photography ~

i have to tell you that i'm so in love with today's 'all colours in...' collection of inspirational images!
i'm sat here desperately trying to think of just the right words to express how much i love everything about them ~ their beautiful photography, the gorgeous lighting, the delicate floral details and beautiful textures... and above all their stunningly gorgeous colours! i love their warmth and richness, and i just want to reach in for a closer look at all these lovelies... :)
now that i'm feeling hugely inspired i shall put that creative energy to good use and get on with my afternoon of crocheting! i really do hope you're feeling the inspiration too!?

wishing you all the most wonderful Monday and i shall be back later with more exciting news ~ yeah! two blog posts in one day, it must be very exciting... ;)

Friday is my day

So last Friday you may remember me mentioning some exciting things that were happening? Well one of those lovely things is happening today, yay! A few weeks ago I got a wee convo from a lovely lady called Heli asking me to be a guest on her blog 'My day is Friday'. Intrigued I hot footed it over there to have a peek and found the most wonderful blog! Heli tours around Europe (in the virtual sense!) inviting fellow handmade artists and crafters to visually document a day in their life and post it on her lovely blog. Such a fabulous idea! Obviously I said yes immediately, but since I've been a wee bit busy of late I was only able to get around to doing it this week. So if you would like to see what I had for breakfast or where we took Spanner for a walk on a random working day last week, hop on over to see my 'Friday is my day' post.

From my guest post 'Friday is my day: Emma Lamb' over at the lovely blog 'My Day is Friday' | Emma Lamb
From my guest post 'Friday is my day: Emma Lamb' over at the lovely blog 'My Day is Friday' | Emma Lamb

Also, while you're over there I recommend you take a peek through Heli's archives to find some lovely posts from some of my favourite Etsians such as - Carambatack, Lila Ruby King, fric de mentol, La Pomme, Yoola, Star of the East and so many others! Oh, and be sure to check out Heli's Etsy shops too where she sells her beautiful handmade bags and adorable wee brooches!

Emma, x

crochet crush : the talented Miss Ivy

it's almost a crime that i've not yet introduced you all to the incredible work of a very dear friend of mine ~ the ever so talented miss Ivy and her hand crocheted jewelry line Edera Jewelry. every time she adds new photos to her blog or a new piece to her Etsy shop you will find me swooning and marvelling at her elaborate creations!
she hand crochets each piece using real gold or silver threads alongside vintage silks and incorporates the most beautiful semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls as she goes. she draws inspiration for her necklaces, earrings and brooches from historical costume and traditional crochet and lace making techniques.
over the last two years that i've come to know miss Ivy it has been an absolute pleasure to see her wee shop go from strength to strength as her designs become ever more intricate and elaborate. i do hope you enjoy her pieces just as much as i do...

~ all images copyright Edera Jewelry ~

oh, if you pop over to miss Ivy's blog today you can find some sneaky peek pics of her very colourful creative space... :)

art & illustration : vintage war era illustrations by Edward Shenton

Vintage war era illustrations by Edward Shenton | Emma Lamb
Vintage war era illustrations by Edward Shenton | Emma Lamb
Vintage war era illustrations by Edward Shenton | Emma Lamb

I love these vintage war era illustrations by Edward Shenton for their beautiful line quality and limited colour palette - the combination of black, mustard, olive, brick red and royal blue on that lovely time aged vintage cream. If I was a fan of biplanes and monoplanes I would have all of these prints up on my walls in a jiffy! But I'm sure I could find a place for a copy of the beautiful 'Free Balloon'. Isn't it just perfect!?

Emma, x

colour your monday happy...

true 'all colours in...' style... :)

~ lutterlakage ~

~ Trisha Brink Design ~

~ Red Pepper Quilts ~

~ ArtMind etcetera ~

~ sweetjessie ~

what a fabulous riot of colour to kick start our Monday mornings!
exactly what i need to get me energised and excited about the huge amount of work i have on my to do list this week. if all goes to plan i should have a few custom orders complete and winging their way to their new homes by the weekend. then i can turn my attention to a few new ones as well as the shelves of my wee shop which are looking a wee bit neglected at the moment... :(
i promise that as soon as i can i'll show you pictures of the things i've been working on, as i too have realised that there has been a distinct lack of crocheted lovelies around here lately!

a fabulously colourful day to you all...