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...this was my wee studio as it greeted me first thing yesterday morning ~ and while it may look like a pretty interesting pile of colourful, creative clutter there was barely an inch of space to get out my wee notebook and write this weeks 'to do list' (the number one 'to do' being to tidy my studio!), let alone start any work! of course the only thing to do was to head straight for my pc and work on a blog post in the hope that by the time i had finished the wee 'tidy fairies' would have popped by and worked a wee miracle on my cluttered room... you can probably guess that didn't happen because, as we all know, the 'tidy fairies' are very, very shy! so we, that is Spanner and me, thought that if we went for a very, very long walk in the spring sunshine it would give them plenty of time to pluck up their courage, come out of their wee hidey-holes and set about the place with dusters in hand...

...ha! the end i decided it would be far quicker to just get on and do it myself. which wasn't such a bad thing after all as i had quite a therapeutic afternoon organising all my bits 'n' bobs and choosing which tins they should live in :)
...once i was done i sat down with a fresh brew, in my favourite new red and white spotty mug, and some yummy chocolate that didn't last very long (note the lack of chocolate in this pic as it's all in my belly!), and started work on some new potholders for an exciting custom order i got this weekend ~ the perfect way to end the day :)

...oh, before i go i just want to say a huge thank you to the lovely Liane, of enhabiten, for featuring a few of my ladies in one of her blog posts yesterday ~ thank you Liane!



  1. oh how lovely it is all looking...

    i find i'm the same, despite it looking a hive of industry, it suddenly does my head in and i can't think straight.
    i'm busy reading this so i don't have to turn around and see what a day of sweating it out with miss ethel has done to my studio.
    isn't it funny how some create best in chaos whilst others need to be orderly.
    i like the thought, we are all different in our approaches but the end result is the same... good old crafty goodness :)

    ha! my word verification is tabless, oh what does that mean, spooky i'm thinking, after all we were talking about tables, desks and sides...

  2. I Think we all get like this from time to time..Love your Creative Space it is so Pretty even untidy..lots of things happening by the looks...
    happy stitching.

  3. I love your studio tidy or not (it didn't really look that unidy anyway)!! :)
    Vivienne x

  4. Emma Lamb, you have made me smile with those views of your studio. I think you are quick fortunate to have so much space to use as you decide. And it looks as if your decisions have been wonderful.

    It was fun to visit Liane's site, too.

    All the various craft/creative/artist sites that many of us visit round the web really do encourage each of us to keep going with whatever we might individually have chosen as The Project/Creation of the moment.

    This is a mighty fine community!


  5. I would have dearly loved to be on that side of the world and giving you a hand with your lovely studio. Helping someone with theirs is always more fun than sorting your own I think. Lots of pretties in your space. :)

  6. What lovely work all looks very inspiring & inviting...

  7. How many times have I wished the fairies would come and do a make over in my studio! I always end up having to do it myself too.

  8. Ha... you crack me up lady! And such a beautifully tidy space now... and so nice to see my little pin cushion sitting proudly atop your lovely tins :)

  9. Really craft conducive clutter it is, and i would take it anyway!

  10. I must say, even the cluttered studio made my fingers itch to put down the textbooks and pick up a hook. But there is something inspiring about a neat space, no? Like it's begging for you to sit down and do something.

  11. My creative space always looks like chaos no matter how much room I have. I have learned to realize- i just like working this way :)
    Yours looks great either way ;)

  12. such a lovely space so light :)))

  13. your space is beautiful, even when messy! love the colours.
    i guess tidying up yarn is kind of a priority, i know whenever i leave mine in a messy heap, it's a far bigger job later!

  14. Well would you look at that??!! Inspiration has been found!! Stunning!!

    xo Steph

  15. Oh this room is so inspiring, colourful, light-filled. Just beautiful beautiful. I long for a studio space like this..... oh, dreams.
    What a pity those tidy fairies never turned up - I keep waiting for them here, too, but they just don't seem to want to pop their heads out.

  16. Me again, just love this clutter!! Awsome after my opinion. Love having stuff out in the open!! Horray horray!!!! Signe (ps. very norwegian, female and old name, incase you wonder :-) )

  17. Everything looks so beautiful there! I will have a look to your Etsy shop...I am sure I will find interesting things...!!! :-)

  18. Your space looks awesome, Emma! I love all the bits of color that seem to splash out everywhere!
    Clutter is pretty but when all is clean and tidy, it's super pleasant to work and actually find stuff while you're at it! :)

  19. What a gorgeous space full of goodies! Have a sweet day!


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