shoptalk : front page glory

It has been quite an exciting week so far, the love of 'granny chic' is spreading and I think one of the Etsy gods has got it bad... ;)

Ihave been featured twice this week on Etsy's front page and not because of a lucky treasury, but because the Etsy gods are smiling down on me! The first was my wee rose design pot holder 'Vera' in the soft and dreamy collection above and the second was the lovely 'Audrey' and friends in this equally beautiful collection! Both of which have resulted in lots of new shop and item hearts which I am utterly thrilled about :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, I'm spending time with my family just now so I will catch up with you all properly next week.

Wishing you lots of 'granny chic' goodness!
Emma, x

studio details : desk thursday

On a Friday... *ahem* ...sorry, I got a bit side tracked this week!

Anyway, it's all about the pretty fabrics on my desk this week. Lots of yummy prints in teal, cream and mustard with wee hints of red and olive. Yep, I have picked up my needle and thread again and have started work on a new collection of children's designs... it feels good!

loving these colours by © emma lamb
mustard and teal by © emma lamb
red, mustard and teal by © emma lamb
scraps by © emma lamb
frayed edges by © emma lamb

Happy Friday!
Emma, x

giveaway : and the winner is...

Orita by © emma lamb
Orita by © emma lamb
Orita by © emma lamb

Huge congratulations to Debbie who said...

"I am coveting this beautiful pot holder, it would be just perfect in my kitchen.

In my mind she is most definitely 'Orita'. Different and yet beautiful. The name of my maternal grandmother whom I sadly never got to meet. But her sister, Eve, had a dear friend called Doddy and she taught me to crochet once when I was about 9 years old. I wish I'd badgered her for more lessons then I might be able to make these beautiful creations myself."

I love the name 'Orita' and it is such a perfect fit for the colours and motif of this pot holder! I think Debbie was spot on when she said 'different yet beautiful', don't you think? But I must say a big thank you to everyone who entered! There were some really wonderful suggestions and such personal reasons for choosing such beautiful names, thank you so much for sharing... :)

So miss debbie if you could send your details to me at 'emmalamb(at)easy(dot)com' I shall pop 'Orita' in the post for you asap... :)

Wishing you all a fabulous Monday!
Emma, x

etsy favourites : colour me happy

Just popping in to show you what I have been waiting to do for the last half hour! It seems like it's been a dogs age since I put my last treasury together but I promise it won't be that long again, way too much fun! Well, as my take out has just arrived and there's a bottle of wine with my name on it, I'm off to have a lovely quiet evening. I hope you all have a fab one too... :)

Emma, x

weekend inspiration : soothing blue

soothing blue, Flickr mosaic curated by emma lamb
Image credits: 1. jljjld (busy), 2. sapaho, 3. fieldandsea, 4. Edera Jewelry, 5. jljjld (busy), 6. Briana E., 7. fieldandsea, 8. _cassia_, 9. sapaho

Not very much crochet creativity going on here this week, instead of a hook in my hand it's a paintbrush. I'm finally getting round to sorting out the kitchen floor, cleaning up the old boards and painting them a gorgeous dark chocolate brown. Honestly, you could almost eat it! Not that there's much of a link between that and this Flickr mosaic, other than that I find painting and these lovely blues very soothing. Tenuous, I know... ;)

Oh, and don't forget I won't be announcing the winner of my potholder giveaway until Monday, so you still have plenty of time to think of the perfect name for her and let me know why. Once I have put the finishing touches to her I will post another picture.

Until then my dears :)
Emma, x

giveaway : name that pot holder

Well that was an interesting week, quite the pot holder frenzy wasn't it!? Well, maybe not for you, but it certainly was for me! And to everyone who left a lovely message of support and love for my wall of pot holders ~ thank you and have a big hug from me! Your response was quite overwhelming and unexpected... :)

So now lets get down to business, it's the all new 'name that pot holder' give away...

untitled by © emma lamb

Today I have spent my afternoon pottering away on this daisy motif pot holder. I'm using a cotton yarn in the most beautiful faded blackberry colour, which will be trimmed with an equally lovely rusty red. If you're interested in adding this little lady to your own collection, or if you'd like to start your own wall of pot holders, all you need to do name her. Just leave a wee comment on this post with the name you would give her and why, simple! Then in one week I will decide which is my favourite and announce the winner, and if I can't decide (you may all be pot holder naming genii* for all I know!) I'll do some kind of random pick from my favourites... :)

So best get your thinking caps on my friends... ;)
Emma, x

* according to Wiki genii is the correct plural of genius when referring to individuals, although I think I prefer geniuses... it sounds more cuddly!

featured : apartment therapy

Just a quickie to let you know about a wee bit of wednesday afternoon reading "channelling granny chic with crocheted pot holders".

My lovely ladies featured on Apartment Therapy today... woo-hoo!

Yesterday morning I got an unexpected request from the lovely Beth Zeigler, a contributing editor for Apartment Therapy LA, she wanted to do a wee feature about my wall of pot holders. So exciting, I've never had a wee feature before! Thank you Beth for your lovely words and I love the new term 'granny chic'... :)

Oh, and if you do pop by for a wee read make sure you check out the comments, none of us are without our critics!? ;)

Emma, x

shoptalk : at last they're here

No longer need the walls of your home be bare...

No longer do you need to put up with boring old pictures in frames, hanging there all day just looking pretty with no other use...

No longer need you despair at not having a wall of stunning art that is not only beautiful but practical too...

Ladies and gentlemen (are there any gentlemen reading this!?)...

I give you... *drum roll please*

potholdering by © emma lamb

...crocheted pot-holders...

The colourful, versatile, practical, and pretty wee things you and your walls have been waiting for all your life, you just didn't know it yet ~ although one or two of you may have had an inkling... ;)

crochet potholder wall art and granny cushions by © emma lamb

I have been so excited about these wee ladies lately and it has taken all of my concentration not to blurt out what I have been up to! They have been one of the most enjoyable crochet project I have worked on, and once I plucked up the courage to hammer wee nails into my walls (a bar of yummy dark chocolate helped with the trauma of it all!) I had a lot of fun arranging their shapes and colours into the perfect display... :)

crochet potholder wall art and granny cushions by © emma lamb

So now you know who all these wee tags belong to, I hope the suspense was worth it!?

Anyway, over the next few days these lovely ladies will be finding their way into my wee Etsy shop along with another cushion or two. Then I will be back soon with my very first giveaway!

Emma, x

shoptalk : 4th july

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star... by © emma lamb

Just a wee note to let you know I'm taking part in Etsy's free shipping sale in celebration of the 4th july! So for this weekend only (or until I remember to change them back again!) a selection of 'red, white and blue' items in my shop have free shipping worldwide.

Happy 4th July y'all... ;)
Emma, x